Savor Greek and Mediterranean delicacies, exquisite Sushi and mouthwatering Desserts, in an unparalleled ambiance. Dining at Kalua Mykonos is a unique gastronomic experience!

The impressive transformation of the restaurant is based on the use of jacquard fabrics and patterns, along with a color scheme that evokes calmness and relaxation as well as elegance and authenticity.

The details are what made this renewal come to life so brilliantly: the entrancing combination of textures and textiles; the chain curtains made of copper that gracefully divide the space while maintaining an open feel; the hand-painted floor in the jacquard area.

In the latter, round and oval stone tables are grouped together to conveniently sit 30 people for an event or a special occasion, while on the left more stone tables are ready to welcome guests that wish to indulge in the Kalua way of life.

For those seeking more privacy, the four suites offer a more exclusive and pampering experience in their semi-private areas where seven tables in total can sit 6-14 people each.

Last but not least, the perfectly crafted monastery tables add an extra touch of charm that truly enhances the dining experience.

In this atmosphere of unmatched beauty and elegance, we welcome you to taste a menu that reflects the chef’s ongoing creativity, immense skill and undimmed passion. Join us at Kalua Mykonos and let us surprise your senses with delicious combinations of the freshest ingredients.

Enjoy your meal!