For the past 36 years, Kalua has proven to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest brand name in nightlife, ‘travelling’ and presenting the ‘Kalua experience’ in Athens, Elliniko, Marousi, Porto Rafti, Kos, Patmos, Mykonos and Istanbul, showcasing and creating memories of days and nights that really last forever.

For the past 14 years it has found its perfect spot in Mykonos, launching as a beach bar and evolving as the place-to-be all day long. Especially in July and August, Kalua hosts more than 1.000 guests every day, establishing it as THE PLACE TO BE.

We have a great group of bartenders this year at Kalua. Most of them are trained in London and are all highly skilled, experienced professionals. They are particularly talented in cocktail making: try one from our extensive cocktail list, or have one tailor made for your taste. Yes, the cocktails are really unique and while dancing to the best music, you will surely notice that a single bartender makes more than 600 of them every day! We recommend you to try our Kalua Watermelon signature cocktail, an extremely refreshing choice under the hot Mykonian sun!

Our one sole purpose at Kalua is to entertain you! Our motto? "Everyday is a beach party". The mixture of a great crowd, the right party music, beautiful venue and our Veuve Champagne Showers will guarantee you a memorable time in Mykonos!