Creative Fine Dining in Mykonos with hospitality at its heart

What diners can expect: The cuisine consists of traditional Greek and Mediterranean delicacies, exquisite sushi, delicious desserts and an impressive list of wines from Greece and other parts of the world. Our restaurant reflects the chef’s ongoing creativity, immense skill and undimmed passion. Dining at the Kalua Restaurant is a unique gastronomic experience.

A few highlights: Try our outstanding Lobster Spaghetti, delicious grilled King Crab Legs, sushi combinations, or choose from our wide selection of fresh fish on display. It would also be a sin not to try our dessert menu...

What’s new: Our Sushi menu! At Kalua we are highly focused on selecting and using the best ingredients, following the Japanese values very closely. We combine the freshest raw materials, the delicate texture and the colors in order to maintain the finest balance of the Japanese taste and offer an absolute experience. Specialised Asian sushi masters prepare before you fresh fish fillets (sashimi) and the very popular rolls (maki), daily. Also! Don’t miss a meal grilled at our brand new Josper Oven! We highly recommend to you our signature Tomahawk dish.

The vibe: The cuisine of the sun in a relaxed and focused on the customer’s comfort environment.